Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Pedro Tapes (1973)

While stationed at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, California as a drummer in the Army Band I was living in a tri-plex. Upstairs were two one-bedroom apartments housing a wonderful lady who made her living babysitting (so it was easy for her to deal with us) and one of the Army drummers with his wife, daughter and huge chrome drum set. In the three-bedroom below I lived with a trombone player and another drummer (both also from the Army Band). I had the master bedroom which was full of percussion instruments on which I would spend hours making "music" and various other sounds. These are some of the surviving recordings. These will be found as more of curiosities; at the time I was heavily into Harry Partch and the two duos were inspired by his music. Listen for the beer keg & truck backup bell.

1. duo 3 (2:01)
2. duo 1 (1:33)
3. pedro improv (13:37)

Download (20mb): The Pedro Tapes

duo 1