Tuesday, May 10, 2011

frank & his 4-track (circa 1980s)

During the 1980’s while I was working in Dinner Theater I bought a Tascam Porta-One four-track cassette recorder and promptly proceeded to record just about anything in my garage in Anaheim (yeah, out by Disneyland). These recordings include some junk, some half way decent items and some snippets of gigs I did while accompanying belly dancers with added overdubs recorded in the garage. The picture on the cover was actually taken at one of those tintype picture places when I was stationed at Fort MacArthur. “Ola” was written by John Bilezikjian, an oud player I did the belly dance gigs with. Who knows, you might even like some of these “musical musings.”

Download (138mb): frank & his 4-track

Ola (excerpt)
Summer Tune (excerpt)
Drumming It Up (excerpt)
Gymnopédies (excerpt)
Jump (from West Side Story) (excerpt)
Roto Trio (excerpt)
Solo (belly dance live & tape) (excerpt)
Tri-Tone MegaMix (excerpt)
Electric Ola (excerpt)